People who contributed to building Maria Farantouri’s WebSite:

Maria Hadzara: Supervised, organized, composed texts in Greek, translated English-speaking Press, selected & edited material (texts, songs & pictures) and updates
Maria Danoussi: Translated in English
Gail Holst-Warhaft: Translated Biography and songs -as noted in case- in English 
www.simio.gr: Web Design

Many thanks for their help to:

Chris Alifranghis for editing videos
Guadalupe Mendez Garcia for editing the Spanish verses (Discography)
Brigitte Ghyselen for translating the Belgian Press
Dimitra Kallianioti, Magdalena Käpplinger, Asteris & Dimitris Koutoulas, Brigitte Perbandt and Christian Stolberg for translating the German-speaking Press
Anders Meland for translating the Norwegian Press
Petros Pandes for allowing access to his archive of the concerts of the years 1971-2002
Rena Parmenidou for her contribution to the compilation of material, relating to Mikis Theodorakis
Yannis Tsanakas for translating the Spanish-speaking Press
Dimitra Vyenopoulou and Marianna Tsili for translating the French-speaking Press
Paola Zomopoulou for translating the Swedish Press


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