Here, we recommend Websites worth visiting: 


www.mikis-theodorakis.net:  The best documented Website about Mikis Theodorakis, designed and run by Guy Wagner, friend and scholar of his work.

www.hadjidakis.gr: The official Website of Manos Hadzithakis with complete record of his work, supervised by George Theofanopoulos.

www.charleslloyd.com: The official Website of Charles Lloyd -great jazz saxophonist and personal friend of Maria Farantouri- supervised by Dorothy Darr.

www.volker-schlott.de: The official Website of saxophonist Volker Schlott, standing collaborator of Maria Farantouri and a member of the Berliner Instrumentalisten.

 http://henning-schmiedt.de: The official Website of pianist Henning Schmiedt, standing collaborator of Maria Farantouri and leading member of the Berliner Instrumentalisten.

Producers / Publishers:

www.ecmrecords.com: The official Website of  ECM recording company run by Manfred Eicher - producer of the  Athens Concert cd.

www.moderntimes.grThe official Website of Legend Recordings, which released most cds by Maria Farantouri after 2001.

www.ianos.gr: The official Website of the active culture company ΙΑΝΟS.

www.olkos.gr: The official Website of the publishing company OLKOS.  


www.asteris-koutoulas.de: The official Website of Asteris Koutoulas - manager & concert organizer.

www.cricos.gr: The official Website of the concert organizing company Cricos Productions.





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